Ayalla Reuven-Lelong

EQ-EL, Israel

Ayalla Reuven-Lelong is a leading expert on the topic of the ‘future of the workplace.’ She leads strategic processes in local and global companies in Israel and worldwide, helping leaders and employees develop the abilities and skills that are crucial for success in the new reality we are all facing now.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, together with her team, Ayalla developed the Five-Lands Model. This model is a roadmap of the journey that each medical leader and physician have to go through in order to acquire the most important skills for success and develop a winning value proposition in a fast-changing world – especially in the Post-COVID-19 era. Based on the model, Ayalla has also published several books dealing with how to succeed in the new era of the workplace, and created a set of measurement tools to help organizations and leaders assess their readiness for this new era.

As part of Ayalla’s strategic processes in the last ten years in healthcare systems (including the Medical faculty of the Technion), she has also published a special version of her book – ‘Becoming the Physician of Tomorrow – A Five Land Journey To Success.’